”Metastasio without borders Festival„

The first edition of”  Metastasio without borders Festival„ is based on collaboration of OIFP Opera HOUSE , FUNDACJA JUTROPERA and the city of SUPRAŚL. 

Metastasio’s 6 librettos were translated and printed at the end of 18th century in …SUPRAŚL. Why there ? What for ? For whom ? These are the questions we want to find an answer to.

 In the next editions we want to reconstruct the operas shown in Supraśl at Branicki’s palace, compose a new music for polish librettos, show concerts and original versions. 

Metastasio was the most popular libretto poet of the century . More than 200 operas were based on his works. Every title had several musical versions.The Supraśl festival is a very good idea to share his art  with happenings , shows, concerts, performances, improvisations, conferences and workshops. 

This year our topic is „La morte di Abel – Śmierć Abla”  libretto. For that reason we invited Divino Sospiro, Michal Znaniecki, Alicja Węgorzewska, Paweł Łukaszewski, Adam Banaszak, Academy of Drama Art ,  OPERA PODLASKA Choir and Violetta BIelecka. 

Come and enjoy this opera experience!